Barone Montalto Vini

Barone Montalto

Barone Montalto began in 2000 in Santa Ninfa, Sicily, in the province of Trapani. A major objective has distinguished us from the rest: to put a strong and wealthy land in the public eye and introduce its distinctive and authentic wines, making them recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Our intense and ambitious passion for this land has been the common denominator in the realization of our project. This is how the Montalto wines came to be, from great tradition and young character, which are continuously admired by an ever wider and more attentive audience of consumers. Barone Montalto has grown over the years. Our vineyards have grown along with the Sicilian territory. In addition, the satisfaction of those who continue to choose our wines has increased and consequently increased our gratification, which matches our commitment. Barone Montalto is committed to both research and experimentation.

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