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Panettoni Fiasconaro

The story of the Fiasconaro Brothers began three generations ago, when first of all the grandfather and the father managed a small artisan workshop in the village of Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie area. It was then when the three brothers, Fausto, Martino and Nicola, not much more than kids, began to learn the trade, giving a hand in their spare time. Today the Fiasconaro Brothers own a company that bears their name: Fausto manages the marketing sector, Martino runs the administration and Nicola is the first confectioner having won many awards and for the role he has carried out during these years as ambassador of the Sicilian sweets in the world, he has received the honor citizenship from the local council of Avola. Fiasconaro is a modern continuously expanding company: thanks to the teamwork of skilled, impassioned professionals, to their great entrepreneurial spirit and an extraordinary instinct, the firm has won an important place in the sector, becoming successful on the home an international market. The experience acquired through the years in artisan workshops and confectioners, first in Italy and then abroad, and the knowledge of the latest work techniques, have made the Fiasconaros pioneers in the artisan confectionery sector. Their love of nature’s flavours, their respect for nature’s times and an unshakeable faith in tradition, have never made them fall for the enticements of large scale industrial production.

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