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Il Camelot Firriato nasce dalla lunga ricerca, durata più di 20 anni, che Firriato ha dedicato per garantire le migliori condizioni pedoclimatiche per l’allevamento del Merlot e del Cabernet Sauvignon. I vigneti di Baglio Sorìa, posti ad un altitudine di 120 metri sul livello del mare, per la vicinanza alla costa trapanese e per le peculiarità del terroir, contribuiscono a definire le condizioni ideali per la coltivazione dei due vitigni.
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etichetta vino Camelot Firriato

Classification IGT Sicilia

Grape varieties 60% Cabernet S.; 40% Merlot

Vineyards location

Soria / Misiliscemi, Trapani province. Southwest

exposure (235 mt. s.l.)

Soil composition Medium mixture with a clayey tendency

Training system Cordon trained, spur pruned

Nr. vines per hectare 5.500/6.000

Yields per hectare 5.300/5.500 kg


Hand-picking. Merlot: from the 1st and the

2nd decade of September. Cabernet

Sauvignon: from the 3rd decade of

September to the 1st of October.

Fermentation temperature 24°-28°C

Period of fermentation 14 days

Maturation French barriques for 9 months

Alcohol 15% by vol.

Tasting notes

A deep ruby red colour; an astonishing

aromatic spectrum with notes of red fruits

and spices. The palate is very powerful

concentrated with soft and gentle tannins

Production 60.000 bottles

Glass Tulip-shaped goblets of medium size and


Serving temperature 16/18° C.

Pairing Ideal accompaniment to roast, grilled meat,

game and flavoured medium-aged cheese

Format 750 ml - 1.5 l

Pallettization pallet: cm. 80x 120: n.5 layers x 21 cases x

6 bottles; Total cases: 105; total bottles 630

This wine is dedicated to the most demanding wine lovers, those who love great wines and want to mantain traditions. A beautifully deep ruby red colour, which reveals an astonishing aromatic spectrum, complex with primary notes of mature red fruits and spices. The palate is very powerful concentrated with soft and gentle tannins that caress the palate and then seduce it with never-ending sweetness of fruit. It is a veritable fairytale in a glass!


vini siciliani Firriato Camelot


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